Readers’ Comments

Any church that desires to honor God, affirms the authority of scripture, and respects the giftedness of all its members, both men and women, will want to study this timely and important book.
–Jack Reese, Ph.D., minister, author, composer, teacher

In both volumes, Burke draws on his years of experience in ministry and academia as well as his deep knowledge of the Bible and its interpretation in Churches of Christ to present a convincing case for a much broader set of roles for women in the church.
–Restoration Quarterly

Here is what this book does so well that so few books accomplish—Burke tries to stick with the text. You would be surprised how many things we hear taught are just simply not in the text. They are inferences from the text that become assumed to be what the text directly says.

This is a stimulating volume that beckons a reading by those who have not done all the thinking they intend to do on the subject; it has the promise of new insight on several of the classical texts on women.
–C. Philip Slate, professor (retired), author, churchman

With a love for the local church, patience, and exegetical expertise, Burke takes the reader on an exploration of scriptures alongside the backdrop of historic interpretations within Churches of Christ. Burke makes the original language and culture accessible in ways that turn the biblical world from black and white to color. For those who affirm the authority of scripture, this work proves an essential resource.
–JP Conway, Minister, Acklen Avenue Church of Christ